From Open to Public Data

Cristian Hernández Milla


Data Scientist collaborating with startups, non-profit organizations and industry in London, Madrid and Santiago.



  1. Citizen Data Science
  2. Public/Open/Enabled
  3. Case Studies

Citizen Data Science

“So, if you think you can't be a Data Scientist - be a Citizen Data Scientist”

Citizen Science

“Volunteers who perform scientific work by making observations, collecting and disseminating data, making measurements, and analyzing or interpreting data without necessarily having any scientific training.”

(Memarsadeghi, 2015)

Data Science

"The field of Data Science concerns techniques for extracting knowledge from diverse data (...). The field of data science is becoming increasingly influential in the public, private and voluntary sectors, with its overarching aim of increasing understanding of services, products and stakeholders in all areas of human activity.”

(Maneth & Poulovassilis, 2017)

Citizen Data Science

Multidisciplinary communities using data science techniques, creating participatory research projects where citizen can gather and learn together to solve questions, transforming open data into publicly available findings


  • Public: related to the source (public/private)
  • Open: related to a functionality (open/close)
  • Enabled: related to skills (understand/don't-understand)

Public data is not evenly distributed. Different public access.

Public, open and ¿enabled?

... enabled data?

A natural effect of data enabling is retribution.

Case Studies

From Open to Public Data

Cristian Hernández Milla